Move Objects 1

Can I edit the placement of things on my farm?

Tap and hold on an object to enter edit mode. In edit mode you can drag the object to where you want to place it. Areas where the object can be placed will display in green. Areas where the object cannot be placed will display

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Can I change the colour of buildings on my farm?

Tapping on a customizable building will display information about the building, including a paintbrush icon. Tapping the paintbrush will bring up colour options. Buildings that can be customized are: My Farm, Barn, Chicken Coop, Dairy Farm and Bee Hive.

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How do I purchase items from the store?

To purchase an item from the Store, drag the item to where you want it placed.

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How do I access the store to buy new things for my farm?

To access the Store, tap the red cash register tab in the bottom left of your screen. The Store has three sections: Buildings, Orchards and Trees, and Decorations.

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Jump to Locations

Can I quickly jump to different locations on the map?

To jump to different locations on the map, tap the yellow compass tab in the bottom left of your screen. All of the locations you have unlocked will have a “Go” button. Tapping “Go” will take you to that location. Level up to unlock more

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Global Contacts 1

How can I go to another country?

To access the Global Contacts screen, tap the blue globe tab in the bottom left of your screen. In each country you will be able to buy unique crops and produce you cannot grow yourself.

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Global Contacts 2

How do I see my Global Contacts?

To travel to a country, tap the “Go” button in the list, or tap on the country’s pin on the globe.

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Farmers App Icon

How do I get more jobs?

New jobs are posted after a short waiting period once the previous job is complete. New jobs will be generated until the related sustainability stave is filled.  

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where is job board

Where is the job board?

The job board can be found in front of your farm house. The job board can also be accessed by tapping the button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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complete job

How do I complete a job?

Once all of the tasks for a job are done, tap the Complete button to earn your points.

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