About Farmers

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Your challenge:
See if you can feed nearly 10 billion people by the year 2050.


Top 10 things to do in Farmers
     1. Customize your farm
     2. Grow crops applying nutrients and water – watch out for pests, diseases and bad weather
     3. Harvest crops – don’t miss the chance to upgrade your equipment
     4. Raise livestock like dairy cows, honey bees and laying hens
     5. Hire workers to help you with chores and to ensure your farm is sustainable
     6. Turn your crops and animals into different products 
     7. Trade goods with farmers in other countries
     8. Protect your environment and give back to your community
     9. Make or join a team and compete in Global Events tied to real-life challenges. 
     10. Watch videos to see what’s happening on farms around the world      

Explore each level to see all of the cool things you can do!

Agricultural experts, farmers and ranchers across North America are proud to share what’s happening on their farms and showcase agricultural practices. The FARMERS 2050 game is as true to reality as can be in an animated game. However, there are some differences in reality that the game isn’t able to show. Some of them are listed in Player Support.

If you have questions about the game or want to ask a farmer a question contact us.

Feeding the word is a challenge in the game and challenge in real life.
Learn more at www.Journey2050.com


A special thank you to the following sponsors and contributors: 4-H Canada, Nutrien, Ag for Life, Alberta Canola, Calgary Stampede, Crop Production Services, National Agriculture in the Classroom (USA) , National FFA OrganizationAgriculture in the Classroom (Canada), Nutrients for Life (USA) and (Canada).

As well as content and video contributions from Egg Farmers of Alberta, Flow (Honey Bees), Macall Robinson (Dairy Producer) with Clairmont Farm Services, Potato Growers of Alberta with Chin Coulee Spud Farms.